About Us

About HouseCutter

HouseCutteris a website dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of the home, yards and gardens, outdoor, accessories, and some other categories as well. Our content is generally split into three main categories; informational guides, tutorials, and product round-ups. Through these main content types, we aim to better inform our readers with necessary guides from beginners to a pro-level.

HouseCutter Editing Team 

Our content is written by people with a passion for the categories, we mentioned above. We believe that informational guidance should be backed by well thought out and researched content and real-world experience. With the time-consuming nature of gardening, we more than anyone understand the need for a flexible team to produce content. The HouseCutter team consists of freelance writers, designers as well as a full-time content manager.

Here’s your chance to meet some of the team:

Hartha Melo – Chief Editor

Hartha, despite spending much of his day behind a computer screen loves to get outdoors. He enjoys hiking, playing golf and most importantly; gardening. As one of the younger members of the editing team, Hartha still has over 15 years of experience in outdoor, gardening! He was introduced to gardening by his father who runs a landscaping business, and immediately loved it. As a computing graduate, HouseCutter is his way of combining his love of technology with his passion for gardening. Moreover, he enjoys adventure.

Frederick Jones – Chief Writer

Frederick is a writer with a real passion for gardening and outdoor. He also maintains of reviewing other product reviews as well. When he’s not writing, he enjoys tending his allotment plot which he’s held for 25 years. As a member of many outdoor and gardening groups, Frederick has enjoyed success as part of teams that have helped him to be a successful blog writer with his real-life experience.

Product Round-Ups and Reviews

We pride ourself on maintaining a highly ethical standpoint when it comes to product recommendations. We’d never recommend a product that we don’t fully believe in, and carry out vigorous research on the product before making our recommendations. Our product reviews and round-up style posts are a way to provide people with a “go to” list of high quality products. We maintain editorial independence and don’t have any obligation to recommend products from specific manufacturers.

Content Ideas and Requests

We’re always open to ideas for content, and love to interact with our readers. If you have any idea for content and want to get in touch you can do so below. We’re always happy to consider all styles of suggestion but are particularly open to:

  • New how-to guides
  • Yard work tutorials
  • Reviews or product round-ups
  • Outdoor guides and reviews
  • Accessories
  • Home Decor

If you’re interested in writing posts for our website you can always get in touch with us, but availability often depends on our current workload.