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7 Best Batting for Hand Quilting For Beautiful Quilts

Hand quilting is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. You may have seen your old grandma, mother, or neighbors creating beautiful quilts with mind-blowing designs. Not only are they creative but also soft and smooth.

However, selecting the perfect batting is the toughest job for hand quilting. Batting is the piece that stays in the middle between the top and backing.  It provides warmth and weight to the quilt.

Now, we will talk about the best batting for hand quilting you can get from the market.

Best Value Batting for Hand Quilting – Quick Review

Here is your quick buy tip with the best recommendations. If you are looking to ignore all the reading and just pick up one of the best battings in the market, then let’s do this. 


Product Name


Warm Company Batting 2391 Cotton Batting Warm Company Batting 2391 Cotton Batting
Tosnail Soft Natural Cotton Batting for Quilts Tosnail Soft Natural Cotton Batting for Quilts
Angel Crafts Cotton Batting for Quilts Angel Crafts Cotton Batting for Quilts
Mountain Mist Polyester Quilt Batting Mountain Mist Polyester Quilt Batting
Bosal Katahdin Organic Cotton Batting Bosal Katahdin Organic Cotton Batting
Quilters Dream Wool Batting Quilters Dream Wool Batting
Quilter's Dream Select Heavy Mid Loft Batting for Quilting Quilter’s Dream Select Heavy Mid Loft Batting for Quilting

 Best Batting for Hand Quilting reviews in 2021

Many types of batting are available in the market. They offer different prices and quality depending on their performances.

But you’re in safe hands as you don’t need to research all of them. We have perfectly analyzed and compared all their features to get the best one for you.

Here check out our quilt batting reviews and get your favorite one.

Warm Company Batting 2391 Cotton Batting – Most affordable with the best quality.

Warm Company Batting 2391 Cotton Batting


Do you have a tight budget but still looking for amazing batting? The warm company is here for you.

This one is one of the finest cotton batting having the lowest price tag on the market. It is 90’’x72’’ that is suitable for regular quilts.

It is the most popular batting in the market because of its soft natural cotton build. Neither it stretches nor needs an iron. It is just perfect, and you can get it from Amazon for less than 20$! It is a quilters dream batting for sure.

  • It is made of natural cotton with enough loft for comfortable pleasure.
  • You don’t need to go for pre-washing to start using.
  • It does not stretch or shrink even after regular use and washing.
  • Perfectly usable for both outside and inside.
  • It has 3 different variations, like single, double, and full.
  • Ensures the highest quality compared to price than other batting.
  • It is not 100% cotton.
  • It is flammable sometimes, so you better be careful before using it in a microwave project.
 Why do we like it? 

This batting provides the best quality ratio comparing the price. Besides, it is the highest user rated cotton batting in the market.

Tosnail Soft Natural Cotton Batting for Quilts – Exclusive budget-friendly

Tosnail Soft Natural Cotton Batting for Quilts


If you are looking for affordable cotton batting with absolute quality, then here it is! It is 90’’x108’’ wide, which makes it usable for a long quilt. The brand Tosnail is trusted and famous for its excellent quality batting.

It’s soft texture, and reasonable weight makes a perfect combination for batting.  And the ultimate factor of this batting is the price tag that makes it affordable for anyone. Surely it can be considered as quilters dream cotton batting.

  • It has a 100% cotton build with less than a 3% shrinkage rate.
  • The bating contains great flexibility for inside and outside use.
  • The cotton batting is pretty lightweight and consists of a smooth, soft texture.
  • It is extremely budget-friendly batting.
  • Highly-durable that stands for a long time even after regular use.
  • Its cotton build might be a little bit thin for some people.
  • A user needs to be careful during ironing as it can meltdown with too much hotness.
 Why do we like it? 

It provides the highest quality cotton with the lowest price tag. It has an exclusive brand quality build.

Angel Crafts Cotton Batting for Quilts – Luxury with quality

Angel Crafts Cotton Batting for Quilts


For the cotton batting lovers, here is another top-quality batting with 100% cotton material. It is 124’’x120’’ ide that is suitable for any type of regular quilting. It has two different variants of a single and double pack.

The soft and smoothness of this batting are quite satisfactory. The cotton provides luxury quality that does not require any pre-washing.

The amazing thing is, it is ready for microwave use as well. The brand also ensures that there will be no shift, bunch, or separation.

  • It is 100% cotton batting.
  • Pre-washing is not mandatory to use.
  • You can also use it for the microwave.
  • It provides soft and luxury material.
  • This batting is suitable for any climate.
  • It is a little bit expensive.
  • It is a thin batting, so the user has to be careful about using it.
  • Too much tension on it will lead to a stretching problem.
 Why do we like it? 

The luxurious cotton is the best part of this batting to have it in your stock. Moreover, the brand is trusted that provides the highest quality products.

Mountain Mist Polyester Quilt Batting – Lightweight Batting

Mountain Mist Polyester Quilt Batting


Rather than cotton and wool, if you are looking for polyester batting to save some bucks, then this one’s for you.

It costs less than 10$! It is made of 100% polyester. It has a medium loft that is within the range of 3/8’’ to 1/2’’.

Comparing other batting, it is a little bit smaller that is 36’’x45’’. It has a beautiful finish that holds up for a long time and perfect for hand quilting. It is a lightweight quilt batting that is recommended for anyone with a smaller project.

  • It is made of 100% polyester material.
  • It is perfect for a small project.
  • Everyone can afford to buy this sexy batting.
  • The medium loft is perfectly balanced for hand quilting.
  • It is soft and so lightweight.
  • It is quite small in size that makes it not suitable for long projects.
  • The loft is thin, so it is not suitable for a heavy lift
 Why do we like it? 

This batting is, without a doubt, the best for the little projects and saves some bucks for you. It costs only less than 10$!

Bosal Katahdin Cotton Batting -Best Organic Cotton

Bosal Katahdin Organic Cotton Batting


Rather than regular cotton, if you are looking for organic cotton to enjoy better quality, this is for you. Perfectly suitable for a jelly roll rug. It has perfectly precut strips, so there is no need to cut them.

It has a size of 50 yards that is equal to 150 feet. It has a 2’’-1/4’’ loft that is amazingly balanced for hand quilting.

Comparing the quality, it provides much better performance considering its affordable price tag. It would be especially suitable for kids because of its organic build.

  • It is made of organic cotton.
  • It is the best batting for any jelly roll rug.
  • There is no pre-shrinking.
  • It has 50 yards of space and a perfect loft of 2’’-1/4’’.
  • It is suitable for a baby quilt.
  • It is not suitable for anyone who wants pretty straight batting without the jelly feeling.
  • Single size may be a little bit less for many projects.
 Why do we like it? 

It is organic and better than regular cotton. The build quality is amazing and suits a specific project pretty well. I should be honest that the price is not a concern and you can buy double or triple packages for more use.

Quilters Dream Wool Batting – Quality Fluffy Build

Quilters Dream Wool Battingbuy1

Among all these batting, if you are looking for fluffy and lofty batting with extra smoothness, then this quilters dream batting wool suits you the best.

With domestic and merino wool, the materials are blended and thermally bonded. The wool is equal with quality and strength.

There will be no shrinkage to the surface. And you’re able to stitch the batting up to 8’’ apart—the luxury premium quality wool suitable for hand quilting, no need for any extra effort. Quite a quilters dream batting wool.

  • It is a hybrid batting made of luxurious wool and polyester.
  • It is pre-washed and cleaned perfectly with no post-shrinkage.
  • This batting can be stitched up to 8’’ apart.
  • The loft and smoothness are well balanced.
  • It is perfect for hand quilting that is even suitable for baby quilts well.
  • It is not quite lightweight, a little bit heavy.
  • It is not suitable for a warm climate; rather, it suits a colder climate better.
 Why do we like it? 

The Wool quality and durability are mind-blowing. And you can consider it as one of the perfect batting for hand quilting and the price is also within your range.

Quilter’s Dream- Heavy Mid Loft Batting for Quilting

Quilter's Dream Select Heavy Mid Loft Batting for Quilting


This quilters dream cotton batting is one of the brand’s best batting products in the market. Amazing finish with enough loft to make quilting a job much easier. It is made of 100% cotton that does not shift or lump even after long usage.

Its build quality ensures minimum shrinkage. Besides, it can be stitched up to 8’’ apart, which is perfect for hand quilting for anyone. The sweet spot is, it has different sizes with a price tag for individual use.

  • This batting is 100% cotton build.
  • There are minimal shrinkage and no shift or lump either.
  • It can be stitched up to 8’’ apart.
  • The batting has a soft and perfect loft for the best warm feeling.
  • It does not need pre-washing to be used.
  • Different variations are available in the market.
  • The loft can be a little bit less for some people.
  • Batting size is smaller in some variations.
 Why do we like it? 

The batting quality is amazing, comparing the price as well as huge variations. The loft and the smoothness are top-notch—a definite buy for people who want easy quilting with the best feeling.

How to choose batting for hand-Quilting?

Choosing a suitable batting is not complicated for you as you’re in the right place. Besides, it depends on the user’s choice, but some key factors are considered for the most beneficial buy.


A thin batting is good for a warm climate, which makes silk the best within that condition. On the other hand, wool batting would be the most suitable one during a cold climate. Cotton and polyester are overall good for any climate.


In simple terms, loft means thickness. Do you want a thin batting or a thick one? It depends on your choice, of course, but it is an important fact for hand quilting. And you can’t quilt properly if the thickness is too high.


Scrim is known as an extra layer that is used to strengthen the batting. It holds batting together while quilting and provides much durability with other layers as well.


It is highly recommended to look for the appropriate size for the batting before buying. Some types of batting need to be larger than the actual size because of shrinking.

Quilt for baby:

People love to make handmade quilts for babies. It would be best to pick up some organic material as batting that is especially recommended for babies.


It may not be necessary as always, but a trusted brand means to provide the best quality products considering their reputation. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick batting from a trusted brand.


Every product has a price tag. The quality also goes up and down along with the price. Some batting may have decent quality and durable performance, but the more quality you want, the more bucks you have to spend.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Batting?

Are you still wondering why is it so important for you to choose the right batting? Well, the answer has to be easy. It’s your money and pleasure.

A good batting makes the hand quilting job pretty easy. Besides, no matter which type of cloth it is, perfect batting gives the best and comfortable feeling in your everyday life.

Which type of batting material is right for you?

Just think about it, who doesn’t love to have a piece of fluffy cloth in everyday life? Batting is the piece that makes a hand quilted cloth warm and smooth.

Depending on the various climates and choices,  there are many battings available to use.

There may be some concerns about how to pick the best choice, right? Let us help you with that.

  • If you are looking for flat but smooth material, then silk is the best choice.
  • If you are looking for a fluffy and smooth material, then wool would be a much better choice.
  • If you want to maintain the shape, it would be better to start working with polyester
  • If you are looking for thin and smooth batting, then select cotton

Question & Answer:

People ask many different questions regarding the usage of batting. And we’re here to answer some of the important questions that might make your job easy regarding this job.

What kind of batting is best for hand quilting?

Thin or battings with low thickness are best for hand quilting. It makes the handy work much easier for the user.

You may choose silk or cotton for the best hand quilting experience. Some people love to consider wool with low thickness for the fluffy smoothness.

What is the best batting to use for baby quilts?

It is important to choose wisely while selecting batting for baby quilts. Both cotton and polyester are good for them.

Besides, there are few hybrid and organic battings available, especially for babies. Those seem to be a better option if you can spend some extra bucks.

How thick should quilt batting be?

The standard batting thickness is 1/8’’. It may vary depending on the material or the user’s choice. But maintaining a minimum thickness is a must for long time service.

Final Word:

Whether you are looking for cotton batting, wool, silk, or thinking about quilting with polyester batting, we have got all the best products in the market here for you.

Check out our review on the best batting for hand quilting to find out the best batting that suits your choice. Check out our best recommendation, Warm Company Batting for the quickest-buy, or follow our reviews for the smartest-buy.

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