best color changing lights for room

8 Best Color Changing Lights for Room to Create Aesthetic Effect

A color changing light bulb can add color in your psychological mind as well as improve your sleep patterns. To have a cheerful mind and great productivity, the quality of your light has a huge impact. Color changing lights for a room are installed just like normal bulbs but they display various colors, effects and shades.

We have chosen the top nine best color changing lights for room with proper study and test to meet your actual requirements. We also selected Philips Hue Single Premium A19 Smart Bulb as our top pick due to its impressive performance with convenience experience. 

Our Top Color Changing Room Lights for Mood Swing

The color changing lights can create an aesthetic look to your rooms. However, nowadays, people love to have that ambience in their living rooms for more fun. The bulbs are also known as mood room lights.


Product Name


Best Color Changing Lights for Room Philips Hue Single Premium A19 Smart Bulb
RGB LED Light Bulb RGB LED Light Bulb
Smart WiFi Light Bulb Smart WiFi Light Bulb
MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb
Texsens LED Light Bulb Texsens LED Light Bulb
LIFX Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb LIFX Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb
LIFX Mini 800-Lumen LED Light Bulb LIFX Mini 800-Lumen LED Light Bulb
BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb

Our Top 8 Best Color Changing Lights for Room

When you have an aesthetic effect in your living room, it’s obvious that your mood will be blooming. No matter, what has happened before, but a decent color changing lights leave an ambience state in your room. Please keep reading to find the best deal for your rooms.

Philips Hue Single Premium A19 Smart Bulb—Best Color Changing LED Lights for Room

Best Color Changing Lights for Room


This color changing RGB LED lights is a great alternative to traditional warm or cool white lights for your living room and bedroom. It features only 10 watts to save your energy but still emits 800 lumens as much 60-watt incandescent. The voice control function of the bulb is really impressive to turn on and off with a spoken command. It allows you to change colors via the smartphone application from bulk 16 million colors.

You can adjust the brightness level of every color to match up with the atmosphere of your room. The bulb is also very easy to install with no worries. But you need additional equipment to use all the functions.

What WE Liked
  • The bulb is easy to use and setup.
  • The ecosystems of the light work immaculately.
  • It is dimmable by 1%.
  • It has great color reproduction.
  • The marvellous app provides constant updates.
What We didn't Like
  • It is quite expensive.

RGB LED Light Bulb—Best RGB LED Lights for Room

RGB LED Light Bulb


This light bulb has a gorgeous colorful effect to decorate your room with 12 fixed colors and 2 dynamic colors. It allows you to use it as normal daily lighting. You can control the light through both remote control and wall switch control. It has also autosave technology to memory the last color or mode you used.

It comes with a package which has 8 lights. The handy timer and cycle functions are very convenient since they switch on and off automatically after you set up. You can also use it as an alarm in the morning to wake you up by its color changing effect. 

What WE Liked
  • It has great adjustable brightness functions.
  • The bulb has two control methods.
  • The autosave memory and synchronization function are very convenient.
  • It has an affordable price.
What We didn't Like
  • Some user complained remote sometimes doesn’t work to change colors.

Smart WiFi Light Bulb— Best Mutli-color Changing Light Bulb

Smart WiFi Light Bulb


This light bulb has different types of shades from a warmer yellow to a colder blue to match up your room atmosphere. It has great customization to select up to 6 colors to cycle through at the same time. The installation of the bulb is easy since you just need to follow the written instructions and connect the light bulb to your wi-fi network. 

You can adjust the color warmth between white light and warm light based on your room’s requirement.  It allows you to create schedules to switch off and on the bulb-like other smart bulbs. As it connects through a wi-fi network, you can control it from home or away.

What WE Liked
  • The color reproduction is very convenient.
  • The Installation of the bulb is extremely easy.
  • It doesn’t use much power at all
  • It has dozens of extra settings to fiddle and autosave customization feature.
What We didn't Like
  • You can’t use it offline.

MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb— Best LED Color Lights for Room

MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb


This color changing light bulb allows you to customize your lighting with millions of colors and different types of tones. The installation process of this bulb is pretty straight forward since you just need to screw the bulb in and connect it with the right app. You can control single or multiple bulbs with a smartphone app.

The power consumption of this bulb is very low to save your electricity. You can set up a timer to easily on or off the bulb. This bulb allows you to choose any color you think of through the app. It is even programmed to sync your music to the lights without background noise.

What WE Liked
  • You can use it through both wi-fi and Bluetooth.
  •  There are wide ranges of colors and dimming effects available.
  • It is very easy to set up and user-friendly with the app.
  • The bulb is energy efficient.
What We didn't Like
  • The consistent level of brightness should be improved. 

Texsens LED Light Bulb— Best Led Color Changing Light Bulb for Playing Music

Texsens LED Light Bulb


This LED bulb can provide you brightest light which is similar to a 100-watt incandescent bulb. You can play your favorite tune or music while dimming your light as much as you want. Different colors of settings are available to match up with your room environment and sync with the music you’re playing. The Bluetooth works really well even from 33 feet without a hitch. 

The sound quality of the bulb is also quite well and loud enough to hear from a distance place. It is also energy efficient to save some electricity. The remote has a direct line of sight the bulb to adjust color, brightness, and modes.

What WE Liked
  • The sound activation mode is really simple.
  • It can memorize the last color and dimming setting.
  • It is great for background music.
  • The color choices are really impressive.
What We didn't Like
  • It has no natural color light. 

LIFX Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb— Best Energy Saving Light Bulb 

LIFX Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb


The bulb comes with easy installation and can be great assistance with a regular software update. It is really easy to use since you don’t need to buy any additional hardware or to know technical skills. The color combination is super since it comes with different varieties and themes of colors to perfectly match for different times.

The brightness level of the bulb is really convenient as it allows you to increase or decrease as much as you want. With all the rich colors and beautiful theme, it is a great mood lighting to shift your mood from anxious to cheerful. 

What WE Liked
  • The bulb consumes very little power.
  • It doesn’t require a hub or any extra hardware.
  • You can change or adjust color temperatures with no difficulty.
  • It has a simple voice command and easy installation. 
What We didn't Like
  • It has tiny support staff.

LIFX Mini 800-Lumen LED Light Bulb— Best Mini Color LED Smart Bulb

LIFX Mini 800-Lumen LED Light Bulb


This LED bulb will surprise you with its impressive performance. Small yet powerful, the bulb can deliver high-quality lighting with dimmable function. You don’t have to worry for installing the bulb since it is super user-friendly and compatible with your household dimmer switches. You need to just connect it with wi-fi and control it through your smartphone app.

The bulb also works well with popular apps like Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, etc. The color temperature range is convenient. You can also change the brightness level and the intensity of color.

What WE Liked
  • There are countless color options are available.
  • The bulb doesn’t require a hub.
  • It is adjustable and dimmable.
  • The app is user-friendly to integrate with bulb.
What We didn't Like
  • It sometimes disconnected for no reason.

BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb— Best Color Changing LED Bulb with Wireless Remote Control

BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb


This LED bulb is a high-quality bulb that can provide excellent color and brightness. The color changing function of the bulb is really impressive since it can generate 16 discrete colors. You can change various types of color changing mode to adjust the color intensity via wireless remote control. The brightness level is also adjustable. 

You can also use it as your traditional LED light bulb since it has yellow light to feel more relax in your bedroom. It is also far better then normal saving LED bulb because it consumes a very small amount of electricity. The remote control has many buttons with incredible features to change color modes and brightness level.

What WE Liked
  • Four default color changing modes are available.
  • The bulb is energy-efficient.
  • The light quality is really impressive.
  • It is ideal for different types of places.
What We didn't Like
  • The bulb is not waterproof.

How to Choose Cool Lighting Effects for Your Room – Buying Guide of Coloring Lights

A perfect color changing light can create a truly warm and light fixture in your room.  We have created a short guide to help you navigate different types of bulbs and choose a high-quality color changing light for your room.

Easy Installation: A color changing bulb should be easy to set up. It also should be compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or other preinstalled functions. If you want to buy a smart bulb, then make sure it is easy to use with your smartphone or other electronic devices.

Decoration: A good quality color changing light can add a beautiful decoration with multiple colors. Make sure to choose those which can be compatible with your room to makes your life romantic with colorfulness.  

Dimmable & Multicolor: Thousands of colors and some scene modes are available in a single multicolor bulb. You can easily increase or decrease the brightness of every color since it is dimmable.

Energy Saving: Most of the multicolor lights are energy efficient to save you money on your power bill.

Environment Friendly: Multicolor bulbs should not be harsh and unpleasant at all. It should have innovations technology to adjusting the color temperature to reduce the environmental impact of lighting. 

Brightness: Make sure to choose only those bulbs which allow adjusting the brightness level based on your requirements. The light should not be harsh that makes you uncomfortable.

Durable: A premium quality multicolor bulb can last a number of years with normal use. With proper care and maintenance, it will be even more long-lasting.    

Perfect App: Most of the color changing bulbs have functions to compatible with your smartphone app. You can connect it with your smartphone app via Bluetooth or wi-fi. Some LED bulbs are hard to control since they have complicated programs which may not be user-friendly.

Extra features: If you are in confusion to choose between two similar color changing lights, then look for their extra features such as music, color combination, consistency of performance, ability to control, frequency of disconnection, etc.

Color Changing Lights FAQ:

Multicolor bulbs are not only plain fun to have, but they also can be your great companion when you want to set a relaxing mood for music.

What light color is easiest on the eyes?

Ans: Yellow color lights are most effective for eyes as they can protect your retinas from excessive blue light. They also offer the best contrast. You should avoid blue color when choosing any color changing bulb since it is harmful to your eyes.  Warm white color which is known yellow can be also easiest on the eyes.

What is the best color LED light to sleep with?

Ans: From multiple studies, red, gray, green, purple color are the best colors LED light to sleep better since they have a low color temperature which is not harsh like regular sunlight. They also help to reduce stress and anxiety to have a relaxing atmosphere in your rooms. 

What are the best LED lights for rooms?

Ans: Best LED lights are energy-efficient, reliable, and have great fixture compatibility. Philips Hue Single Premium A19 Smart Bulb, RGB LED Light Bulb, Smart WiFi Light Bulb, etc. are the top LED lights for rooms.

You can check the best deal Philips Hue Single Premium A19 Smart Bulb for your rooms.

What light bulb is closest to natural light?

Ans: Halogen bulbs or sunlight light bulbs are closest to natural light since they can produce heat and natural visible light like sunlight. They appear sharper and can be dimmed easily. They also save energy in comparison with incandescent bulbs.

Final Words on Coloring Lights

Choosing the best color changing lights for room is important to decorate your room beautifully as well as relaxed feeling with its colorful lighting effect. You can control your led color changing light bulb with wireless remote or smartphone apps. Remote controller color changing bulbs are less expensive compared to others. There are also some bulbs which come with Bluetooth speaker to listen to music.

All the gorgeous bulbs we have selected are perfect for your room. The Philips Hue Single Premium A19 Smart Bulb is really a champ due to its default color-changing modes and ability to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

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