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9 Best Lighting for Sewing Room that You Should Buy

A lot of skill and precision is required for sewing. To make your sewing project successful, sufficient lighting is essential. With poor sewing lighting, you may face long-time harassment or failure in your project.

Best lighting for sewing room makes a difference to your sewing sessions as well as high productivity. To help you with outstanding visibility for your crafting and sewing projects, we have come up with a list of the eight best types of lamps. We also listed Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp as our top favorite due to its amazing performance and the best amount of sewing light.

Best Sewing Room Light Comparison Table

Have you ever thought that a sewing room light can enhance the accuracy of your sewing work? Why not do you have a look at the following table for the best deal to have perfect stitching?


Product Name


Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp
Razon Sewing Machine LED Light Razon Sewing Machine LED Light
TaoTronics Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp TaoTronics Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp
OttLite 326003 13-watt HD SlimLine Task Lamp OttLite 326003 13-watt HD SlimLine Task Lamp
Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass LED Lamp Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass LED Lamp
TROND LED Clamp Desk Lamp Task Light TROND LED Clamp Desk Lamp Task Light
Bendable Bright Lights Kit Bendable Bright Lights Kit
HengBo Sewing Machine Light HengBo Sewing Machine Light

Check Our 9 Best Lighting for Sewing Room Reviews to Make a Great Deal

However, while choosing the best light for a better experience with your sewing machine, we did a ton of researches to provide you with the best deal. Please keep reading to choose your option that will meet your demands.

Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp —Best Hand Free lighting for Sewing Room

best lighting for sewing room


This lamp comes with flexible gooseneck to move the magnifier and light where you need it. It has a handsfree magnifier and adjustable height which is compatible with a wall switch. The real diopter glass is scratch resistant and lasts longer without compromising the quality. It provides a better view and full contrast even for ageing eyes that need extra light.

With its amazing lighting technology, it even makes the highly precise sewing task easier. It also comes with 3-year warranty service to use to without being a worry for any troubleshooting. 

  • The product has a flexible and versatile structure.
  • It has cool white light which is helpful for older eyes.
  • It comes with genuine diopter glass.
  • This lamp has a 3-year product warranty.
  • It is a little bit expensive.

Razon Sewing Machine LED Light— Best Sewing Machine LED Lamp

Razon Sewing Machine LED Light


This light is specially designed for the sewing machine work. The LED strip can simply stick onto the sewing machine as much as needed in the right place. The light is bendable and flexible to move it in the sewing surface area to deliver additional illumination. It is quite nice and bright that can help you with tough sewing and quilting projects.

The length of the power cord is 6.6ft long to provide maximum benefits while working. You can also adjust the brightness level with the dimmer switch. It also saves your space and ensures no shadow around the needle when using the machine.

  • It comes with complete sewing machine lighting kit.
  • It doesn’t occur any shadow.
  • The light is flexible to use with easier installation.
  • The product features a dimmer switch.
  • The tape may not hold always perfectly.

TaoTronics Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp— Best Sewing Machine Table Lamps 

TaoTronics Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp


This elegant looking LED desk lamp features super-premium aluminium alloy to prevent the heating issue. It is tall in structure and light in weight only 1.93 pounds. The lamp has a versatile function and flexibility to easily move it from place to place. The automatic memory function makes your sewing session easier by preventing repeat setup of brightness/color mode.

It comes with 3 color modes along with 6 brightness levels to use for multi-purpose. This electronic device is portable and you can charge it by using a USB port.

  • It has 3 color modes with 6 brightness levels.
  • The lamp features autosave technology to memorize brightness setting.
  • It is portable and can be charged by USB port.
  • It has touch control penal and super aluminum alloy construction to prevent heat.
  • The LED bulbs can’t be replaced like a normal bulb.

OttLite 326003 13-watt HD SlimLine Task Lamp— Best Lighting for Craft Room

OttLite 326003 13-watt HD SlimLine Task Lamp


This lamp comes with a folding structure to save your space. It has two points of adjustment to use the lampshade for multi-position.  The rotating shade helps to use the light for larger sewing area to have strong illumination. It is energy-saving with 13-watt tube and can last minimum 10, 000 hours. 

The lamp offers plenty of light to see the surface area of your machine clearly without causing any glare or eyestrain. It also helps you to show colors accurately and to see fine print and details clearly.

  • It is energy-efficient and long-lasting.
  • The LED technology helps you see clearly in details.
  • The lamp is space-saving and adjustable for easy positioning.
  • It comes with two colors (Black & White).
  •  The changeable light limits in only up and down for the response.

Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass LED Lamp— Best Sewing Lamp with Magnifier

Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass LED Lamp


This LED lamp has genuine glass magnifier and 3″ lens to see far things clearly. It provides the best comfort since it has an adjustable and flexible gooseneck to allow you with enough space for light direction adjustment. This solid and heavy lamp always stays in a stable position to have convenience work experience. 

The heavy-based lamp is great for people with low vision to allow them to see every little thing clearly and brightly without straining their eyes. It is also scratch-resistant and can last longer without the requirement of replacement. 

  • It comes with a genuine magnifying glass.
  • The lamp has a sturdy and versatile gooseneck.
  • It has super bright daylight, easy on the eyes
  • The lens doesn’t become hot with time and scratch-resistant.
  • The lens doesn’t have any guard to protect from dust.

TROND LED Clamp Desk Lamp Task Light— Best Light for Hand Sewing

TROND LED Clamp Desk Lamp Task Light


This lamp has a highly impressive feature to impress you. The light is super bright too help you with a clear vision especially when you do hand sewing job. It creates flicker-free natural daylight which is suitable for all, even for those who have a vision problem. The strong Aluminum clamp is flexible and allows you to attach with your sewing machine or another surface to work efficiently without having any problem.

The color temperature is well balanced and isn’t harsh to cause any headache or eye strain issue when you are doing your crafting or sewing projects. It has also a dimmer switch to adjust the intensity of the light.

  • It has a strong clamp to support the light panel.
  • The lamp is lightweight and easily maneuverable.
  • It comes the brightest setting to increase or decrease the intensity of the light.
  • It is always very gentle to the eyes.
  • Touch location should be textured.

Bendable Bright Lights Kit— Best Flexible Light for Sewing Room

Bendable Bright Lights Kit


This small size and energy-efficient light offers 90 lumens of brightness. It adds shine to a particular spot to see every little thing easily and clearly. The adhesive strip easily sticks onto the machine as much as needed. Make sure to keep the strip in the right position to receive maximum lighting benefit. It features a great color temperature which is best for your eyes.

The light is energy-saving and durable enough to last up to 100,000 hours. The bendable neck is quite adjustable in every angle you needed. You can connect the cord of the lamp directly into a USB port.

  • It requires easy installation.
  • The light is energy efficient.
  • It provides an extra punch of bright light at your workspace area.
  • It has no shadow hindrance.
  • The strip is hard to remove after installation. 

HengBo Sewing Machine Light— Best Overhead Lighting for Sewing Room

HengBo Sewing Machine Light


This light is suitable for multi-purpose use without compromising its quality. It makes your sewing task easier by providing adequate lighting in the area around the needle. The installation of this light is quite easy since it has strong adhesive tape to stick with your machine. It produces bright sunny daylight with 18 LEDs and 6500K cold white. The brightness level is adjustable with a touch dimmer button to protect your eyes when you work in low light condition.

The flexible and bendable light can be easily shaped in any angle to move as much close as your workspace area. It has also hardly any heating effect so it is touchable and safe to use. 

  • The light is flexible to point in at any angle and takes up any position.
  • It is cuttable after few LEDs.
  • It has a long power cord.
  • It features the easiest way to turn the light on and off.
  • Users complained that the lamp is not as much useful as a traditional lamp.

How to Choose the Best Light for Sewing Machine

There are several essential factors and features you need to consider before choosing a lamp for a sewing room.

Type of lamp:

There are mainly two types of lamps is available for sewing room: one is a gooseneck lamp and the other one is light strips. Gooseneck lamps are flexible and can be easily placed and moved around. It also provides more alternatives to flexibility overall. Light strips are effective and have economical price. They are also easy to set up.

Installation and power supply:

You should know how the lamp will be installed when you buy it for a sewing machine. Some lamps contain their own stands, while others are connected with a sticky adhesive or clamps. There are also some lights which don’t even need to be hooked up.

Wattage and color temperature:

The wattage mainly identifies how much energy will use per second. The lower the wattage rating, it will become the more energy-efficient lamp. The color temperature helps to identify the color and severity of light delivered by the lamp. Generally, few sewing machine lamps are more powerful to provide brighter lights rather than gentle or azure lights.

Power Cord:

Though the power cord seems a trivial matter from outside, you can only realize it when you experience it. The size of the power cord is an important factor to consider. Short power cords may not enable you to reach from one room to another room and you need to use extension cables.

Additional features:

There are some other features you can look like a standard switch for on and off; a magnifying glass for better visibility. When you are in confusion between two sewing lamps, you can choose that lamp which has more extra features.

How can a sewing machine light can improve your sewing?

A sewing machine light can improve your performance for knitting, tailoring, arts and crafts, and so on. A significant amount of lightening will provide you with a better view of what exactly you’re doing. Poor lighting may result in eye pressure, bad posture, low visibility and incorrect color matching. 

Precise works like sewing, knitting require an adequate amount of lightening to avoid the slightest mistake. The top premium quality sewing machine lights offer strong illumination to brighten the space when sewing on darker fabrics.

What Is a Sewing Machine Light for?

Your eyes which is the most sensitive part, require proper lighting for smooth and perfect sewing. A sewing machine light can help you to prevent wrong cut as well as great visibility for threads, needle, and fabric.

There are several complicated steps you need to follow like threading, knitting, etc. in the whole sewing session. To do your precise job conscientiously and efficiently, a lamp can help you illuminate the whole sewing working area and focus on darker fabrics.

What Issues are Faced Due to Improper Lighting When Sewing Clothes?

Improper lighting may add stress to your eyes and result in the wrong cut. It may even ruin your full sewing project. The best light for sewing allows your eyes to relax and focus on sewing areas.

With low lightening, you may face different types of problems like taking a long time when the thread crimps, facing difficulty for optimal color match, experiencing migraines and low visions, etc. Improper lighting may increase the chance of making mistakes and reduce your productivity for working. 

What Types of Light Do I Need in My Sewing Space?

If you consider the illumination area, you will see that there are two types of lights are available: full overhead light and sewing machine task light.

Full overhead light:

Wall lighting fixtures, table lights, and standing luminaires are primary types of overhead lights for sewing. They are adjustable and efficient enough to provide illuminating the whole sewing area.

Task light:

Task light helps you to provide maximum benefit from a visual aid by brightening up at the sewing machine work area. They are especially advantageous for viewing small objects or objects of low contrast when you work in the sewing procedure. 

From the perspective of brightness, three types of lights are available.

Natural white daylight:

The natural white light is very pleasant and works really well to protect the eyes. It can help you to have a clean and clear vision to work for a long time.


To have a bright and unmistakable clear vision as well as authentic recognition of color combination, the sunlight can be a great choice. It has a little blue tinge to maintain balance in both eyes.

Tungsten light:

This yellowish light is made of tungsten like the typical bulb. It creates a warm glow with a yellow color which is mainly suitable for daytime work.

Sewing Room Light FAQ

There are different types of issues may come up when you try to choose a sewing lamp for your sewing room. You may even have some queries to clear your doubts.

What kind of lighting is best for a sewing room?

Ans: Though natural light is always the best choice, it may not always possible due to the environment and the location of the workplace.

A bright workspace can help you to avoid eye fatigue. This is the reason, you should buy LED lights which offers a very light ray yet cool without being hot or uncomfortable. 

What is the best light for sewing?

Ans: The best light will ensure well-balanced light around your sewing area and help you to see clearly under your sewing needle. It will improve your level of work accuracy and last for a long time without hampering the quality.

It will also provide a consistent level of brightness to clearly see what you are working on and avoid hindering your peripheral vision.

What is the best light for crafting?

Ans: The best craft lights are brighter than normal lamps. They are flexible enough to bent and swivel for giving direct light at the working surface area.

The vast majority of the craft lights also comes with brilliance and color choices to use the same light for multiple purposes. You can check OttLite 326003 13-watt HD SlimLine Task Lamp for crafting.

Does any lamp work on my sewing machine?

Ans: I have a great experience with HengBo Sewing Machine Light. It provides really impressive bright light to improve the accuracy of work.

It comes with simple installation and makes your sewing session easier with a consistent level of lighting at day or night.



A sewing machine light can provide a clearer view of the intricate stitches for the best work output. The lifespan and power source of a sewing lamp is an essential thing to consider before making any investment.

Though all the lamps that are listed above are the best lighting for sewing room, the champ is Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp because of its genuine quality and flexibility to adjust the gooseneck and focus without compromising the quality of your work.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and grab the best lamp within the best affordable price.

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